Senior Clinical Biochemist | Diagnostics Laboratory | Crawley


United Kingdom, Crawley


Clinical biochemistry and diagnostics


Full time position

The role

This is a great opportunity for a Senior Clinical Biochemist to join us, working on streamlining private blood testing services within the UK.

We have a fantastic team working on some pretty cool in-house laboratory solutions together with a network of walk-in clinical facilities and we are looking for a team member to join the project from the clinical biochemistry field.

You will be involved in the clinical leadership of the laboratory, providing clinical and scientific advice as well as scientific leadership. You will need to have extensive experience within Clinical Biochemistry and be registered as Clinical Scientist with the HCPC.

You will have direct input and overseeing capacity for the Clinical Biochemistry laboratories, method development, quality management and control, very hands-on running of lab services as well as services development for our clients.

  • Responsibility and decision making. There will be plenty of it and fast.
  • In-house labs. We have our own that you will get to build and run.
  • Greenfield wishes. This is an opportunity to join a team early on and work with us to continue making the project great.
Working environment
  • Current lab premises/office in Crawley
  • Full-time position
  • Competitive financial package
Salary & Benefits

Competitive salary plus a range of benefits, including indemnity insurance contributions, health and wellness package and professional training. Work/life balance is essential in modern day employment and we get that. You will be entitled to annual leave as well as sick leave, so the we ensure that you work the way that suits you. The role can be both salaried and/or equity, depending on what you can bring to the team. This is your chance to do what you always wanted and build the future. Get in touch!

Eligibility and requirements
  • HCPC registration in the relevant category
  • Comfortable with working in a hands-on environment
  • Have good communication skills and love what you do
  • Be motivated to care for what we do and build the best diagnostics company in the world. That’s a must!

We encourage personal development and celebrates diversity. Our staff include many nationalities, religions, beliefs, colour and sexual orientations, as well as being of different ages and genders. We do not discriminate on any of it, you do you and we love it. We look forward to welcoming you onboard!