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United Kingdom


Healthcare and clinical professional.


8 hours per week session(s) split into 2 hour blocks.

The role

You will be an essential contributor to the digital age healthcare, working with our private patients via remote test results assessments and clinical commentary. This role does not require video conferencing or live online consultations.

You will be able to work independently, during prearranged hours of your choice, with an extensive support of our clinical and administrative teams. We will provide full training on the use of our innovative and simple to use results management systems, making sure that you spend all of your time helping patients and not administration.

This is a fantastic opportunity to diversify your career, work more flexible hours in a setting that you enjoy most. Busy practice and long working hours are not always a priority, so with Sussex Pathology you will be able to manage your workload in a way that suits you.

Salary & Benefits

Session rewards and benefits start at £17,000 per session annually plus a range of benefits, including indemnity insurance contributions, health and wellness package and professional training. Work/life balance is essential in modern day employment and we get that. You will be entitled to annual leave as well as sick leave, so the we ensure that you work the way that suits you.

We also have occasional openings for full-time salaried GPs. If this is your preference – perfect, happy to chat.


We provide you with all of the equipment you will need, such as a laptop for remote access to our software..

Eligibility and requirements

– GMC registration, registered UK GP.
– Comfortable with working in a digital environment
– Be able to commit to one session per week
– Have good writing and doctor’s notes abilities that come across clearly and concisely
– Have good communication skills and love what you do
– Be motivated to care for patients and build the best diagnostics company in the world. That’s a must!


We encourage personal development and celebrates diversity. Our staff include many nationalities, religions, beliefs, colour and sexual orientations, as well as being of different ages and genders. We do not discriminate on any of it, you do you and we love it. We look forward to welcoming you onboard!